Consulting Services

  • Creating Solutions: To help you stay on top, solutions to overcoming the challenges associated with today's information technology systems can be developed in a secure manner. These include systems evaluations, security policy establishment and audits.
  • Speaking Plainly: Translating technical information into decision making language is getting harder and harder to find. You can rest assured that any needs assessment of your information security requirements will be in plain English.
  • Here to Help: As you choose to move forward with new technologies, your needs are met by overseeing the selection, acquisition, integration, and application processes. Bullying vendors to see to it that you get the greatest value in the system which you purchase is a favorite past time.
  • Security Training: Once a system is in place, it needs to get used to its fullest capability. Training your staff to take full advantage of your systems, and disarming fear by encouraging even the most novice of users to challenge themselves is a primary organization objective. The secure usage of your systems must also be re-enforced to reduce such threats as the loss of intellectual property, and the improper use of your systems by insiders and intruders.


  • Security Developments: The security domain is continually changing. As new systems and operating environments evolve, access to the latest security developments is a pre-requisite to improving your company knowledge base.
  • Products Search: Product development life cycles are getting shorter as innovations emerge quickly. By conducting a thorough global search, the latest emerging products can be found for product development, name branding and market penetration efforts.
  • Patent Reviews: Patents are a wealth of information to those who have the patience to read them. Incites such as product features, innovations and product differentiation can be acquired through a thorough international patent review. Whether you are planning to submit a patent application, introduce a new product or process, or need to know the latest developments, patent research provides an effective means.

Speaking Engagements

  • Sharing Knowledge: One of my favorite pleasures in life is to share any knowledge or insights I have learned. Whether this is in regards to cyber warfare and cyber terrorism, disaster planning, information security, systems development, protocol design, or a host of other organizational and business issues, it would be my delight to speak before your group or company.  
  • Creating A Forum: No one can possibly know everything about our changing world. By creating an on-going dialog with experts and professionals, everyone can benefit from a discussion of emerging issues, threats, and potential opportunities. It would be my pleasure to help create a forum on a host of security related issues.

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