Dr Colarik's primary research areas are the security impact of the global information infrastructure on businesses, governments and individuals; the technology impact on social, political, legal and economic structures in society; and the design and implementation of secure communication systems.

Books Published

  Title Co-Author/Co-Editor(s) Publisher Year
Cyber Security and Policy: A Substantive Dialogue Jang-Jaccard, J., & Mathrani, A. Massey University Press 2017
Cyber Warfare and Cyber Terrorism Janczewski, L. IGI Global 2007
Cyber Terrorism: Political and Economic Implications   IGI Global 2006
Managerial guide for handling cyber-terrorism and information warfare Janczewski, L. IGI Global 2005
The Home Executive’s Guide to Computer Security   Trafford Publishing 2004
A Secure Patch Management Authority   University of Auckland 2003

Conference Papers

Title Conference Proceedings Co-Author(s) Year
Botnets: An Unsolvable Problem? 13th International Conference on Frontiers in Education: Computer Science and Computer Engineering McDowell R.F. 2017
The Future City? Mitigating the Technological Threat Cities Face in their Adoption of Smart Services and Infrastructure 18th International Conference on Internet Computing and Internet of Things Neems A.J. 2017
The Hierarchy of Cyber War Definitions 12th Pacific Asia Workshop on Intelligence and Security Informatics Hughes, D. 2017
Small State Acquisition of Offensive Cyberwarfare Capabilities: Towards Building an Analytical Framework 11th Pacific Asia Workshop on Intelligence and Security Informatics Hughes, D. 2016
The Security Codex - Mapping a Research Domain 10th International Technology, Education and Development Conference Ball, R. 2016
A Discussion on Life Systems Security and the Systems Approach The International Conference on Information Resources Management Janczewski, L. 2012
Developing a Grand Strategy for Cyber War 7th International Conference on Information Assurance and Security Janczewski, L. 2011
Securing Data Transfers: An integrity algorithm for error recovery triangulation 17th Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems Gutiérrez, J., & Janczewski, L. 2007
Update / Patch Management Systems: a protocol taxonomy with security implications 19th International Information Security and Privacy Conference Thomborson, C. & Janczewski, L. 2003
Development of a framework for secure patch management 14th IRMA International Conference on Information Technology and Organizations Janczewski, L. 2003
World framework for security benchmark changes 18th International Information Security and Privacy Conference Janczewski, L. 2003

Journal Articles

Title Journal  Issue  Co-Author Year
Anonymous Versus ISIS: The Role of Non-state Actors in Self-defense Global Security and Intelligence Studies. 2(1) Ball, R. 2016
Predicting the Proliferation of Cyber Weapons in Small States Joint Force Quarterly 83 Hughes, D. 2016
Why we need new ideas in the fight against cybercrime World Economic Forum   Gilmour, N. 2015
The ongoing war against cybercrime The Conversation   Gilmour, N. 2015
Establishing Cyber Warfare Doctrine Journal of Strategic Security 5(1) Janczewski, L. 2012

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