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News and Contributing Feature Articles  
March 10, 2017 Line of Defence The fog of smokeless war: A cyber security capability for NZDF Nick Dynon
November 10, 2016 New Zealand Herald When your own data is used against you Andrew Colarik
November 4, 2016 The National Business Review Closer NZ/Aus cyber cooperation makes 'good sense,' experts Nathan Smith
October 2, 2015 Dominion Post Review to cast light on high value of NZ intelligence networks Andrew Colarik and Rhys Ball
July 13, 2012 The National Business Review When cyber-terrorists attack close to home Darren Greenwood
May 8, 2012 3News 'Tap and go' cards put users at risk of fraud Susie Nordqvist
March 28, 2012 3News Calls to investigate broadband company for espionage Adam Ray
January 8, 2012 Sunday Star Times Kiwi experts raise fears of cyber warfare Lois Cairns
November 12, 2009 Infosecurity Cyberterrorism: A look into the future (ISC)2 US Government Advisory Board Executive Writers Bureau
November 5, 2009 Harvard Law Record What is Cyberterrorism? Even experts can't agree Victoria Baranetsky
November 2, 2009 Harvard National Security Journal HLS Hosted Panel of Cybersecurity Experts Discuss Cyberterrorist Threat Mat Trachok
August 26, 2008 Weekly Terrorism Spotlight Expert Says U.S. in 'Real Trouble' Due To Cyber Warfare Ryan Mauro
March 18, 2008 Information Age The China Threat Michelle Price
October 15, 2007 The Nest Magazine Home Computer for Two Paula Kashtan

July 16, 2007

Computerworld Auckland graduate warns over possible 'cyber-jihad' attack Darren Greenwood

July 7, 2007

InformationWeek Cyberterrorism: By Whatever Name, It's On The Increase Larry Greenemeier

July 2, 2007

InformationWeek 'Electronic Jihad' App Offers Cyberterrorism For The Masses Larry Greenemeier

June 21, 2007

InformationWeek Internet Terrorism Trial Highlights Web Open Info Access Dilemma Larry Greenemeier

June 21, 2007

InformationWeek Beware Of Sticky Fingers When BlackBerrys Handle State Secrets Larry Greenemeier

June 14, 2007

InformationWeek New Geo-Location Service Could Help Track Cyber Thieves Larry Greenemeier

May 30, 2007

Dark Reader How to Stop Political Attacks Tim Wilson

May 23, 2007

Information Age EU tables cyber-crime proposal Michelle Price

April 21, 2007

Information Age Cyber Assault (cover story) Michelle Price

April 2, 2007

Christian Science Monitor Step Cautiously into an Online Bank G. Jeffrey MacDonald

March 1, 2007

The Bottom Line Cyber-Enemy at the Gates Elaine Wiltshire

January 10, 2007

CBN News Cyber Terror: Defusing the Timebomb Erick Stakelbeck

November 1, 2006

Intelligent Enterprise

Dashboard: Take Four Steps Toward Data Security

Penny Crosman

October 19, 2006

The Enquirer

Computer security threats multiplying

James McNair

July 25, 2006

AIIM - The Enterprise Content Management Association

2006 Washington Security Summit

Janelle Julien

June 8, 2006

Crain's Cleveland Business

Into the (security) breach

Leslie Stroope

November 16, 2005 InformationWeek U.K. Extradites Alleged Cyberterrorist To U.S. Marianne Kolbasuk McGee

Press Releases
June 27, 2006 Protecting Our Lives Requires Protecting Our Information. Security Expert Advocates Making Personal Information A Property Right (PRWeb)
November 2, 2005 Terrorists Continue To Use Technology Against Us. New Book Reveals The Vulnerabilities Of The Global Information Infrastructure And Its Use By Terrorists (PRWeb)
July 19, 2005 Idea Group Publishing Announces Plans to Create an Encyclopedia of Cyber Warfare and Cyber Terrorism and Seeks Interested Security Professionals and Researchers to Participate (PRWeb)
June 1, 2005 Information Security Consultant, Researcher and Inventor Expands Business Services To Include Global Patent Research (PRWeb)
March 21, 2005 Information Security Consultant and Author to Speak on the Threat of Cyber Terrorism at NOTACON, A Forum for Community Through Technology (PRWeb)
December 22, 2004 Information Security Consultant, Speaker, Author and Inventor Offers Policy Advice, Speaking Engagements, And Security Training on Issues Such As Cyber Terrorism And Information Warfare (PRWeb)