Research Mentoring Service

  • For generations, trade craft has been taught through an apprenticeship, and research is the trade craft of the Scholar. Traditionally, this is conducted by enrolling in a university program in an advanced degree under the supervision of one or more professors.
  • Most programs consist of pre-requisite courses, a series of research related assignments for each course, and then when deemed ready by the supervisor the student begins their exploration of a given domain with the intent of finding something new and publishable.
    • It is a process that takes time, effort and resources to complete regardless of the value of the output.
    • Often, students are left to discover this ‘process’ for themselves and the experience can be quite daunting for the brightest of individuals.
    • It does not have to be this way.
  • My program is a true apprenticeship, tailored to the individual, and consists of weekly discussions where the learner is guided through a series of activities, assigned specific tasks to be completed before moving on to the next stage, continuously supported between discussions, and ultimately encouraged towards crafting their first scholarly publication. 

Program Deliverables

  • Learning Scholarship: Teaches the learner about the first principles of research and scholarship.
    • Tasks: Philosophy of Research, Ethics in Research, Problem Formulation, Research Methodologies, Language of Research
  • Conducting Research: Assists the learner in efficiently accessing and utilizing academic literature and periodicals.
    • Tasks: Literature Evaluation, Library Resources, Research Databases, Online Resources, Academic Books
  • Progressing Assignments: Mentors the learner through a prescribed set of assignments that teach the foundations of academic writing, re-writing and publishing.
    • Tasks: Understanding a Domain, Deducing the Discussions, Establishing the Problems, Pathways Forward
  • Problem Articulation: Supports the learner in organizing the chosen domain’s problem space and foundational issues into an objective discussion that supports the introduction of new thought, new findings, and innovations into the research domain.
    • Tasks: Refinements, Substance and Form
  • Publication: Mentors the learner in crafting a publishable work and assists in getting it into an appropriate scholarly venue such as a workshop, conference, journal and/or academic book.
    • Tasks: Journals, Conference Proceedings, Book Chapters, Books


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